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About Us

What does Via Kit Company Do? Simple! We create and supply customized kits. From hospital patient bedside and trade show kits, to hangover and fashion kits. You name it, I'm sure we have a kit for you! We have been in the promotional products business since 1986, which has allowed us to build a huge selection of amenity bags and personal hygiene as well as accessories. We are a one stop shop, so keep in mind if we don't stock it, we can get it. Also, feel free to send us your products from other suppliers too. Aside from kits, we also stock a nice collection of travel items including the largest selection of travel pillows, eye masks and other travel accessories.


Need ideas? Feel free to send us your project scope. We can put together virtual samples along with product suggestions and price points to meet your needs. We have a great support staff full of awesome ideas and solutions. Click here.


Address: 280 Ott Street, Corona, CA 92882

Phone: 714.455.2007

Fax: 714.455.2008